Simple Light Salmon Lunch

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Leftover organic garlic broccoli plus leftover grilled salmon plus a dusting of goat cheese. 

Salmon Dill Summer Squash Dinner

This was such a wonderful little summer paleo meal, my stomach couldn’t be happier right now.  The scallop squash is stuffed with feta cheese (paleo cheating!), capers, fresh basil, and kalamata olives, and the baby crookneck squash was so sweet and flavorful, it defied any seasonings.

The salmon was grilled atop a cedar plank and a bed of dill, and is served on a bed of mixed local lettuces.  That’s lemon thyme and parsley sprinkled on the salmon.  A few slices of cucumber added crunch.  Awesome.  Just awesome!

Salmon Dill Summer Squash Dinner

The stuffed patty pan squash is so pretty!

Salmon Dill Summer Squash Dinner

Paleo Steak Chimichurri Serves Two

Flat iron steak in a cast iron skillet – what an easy meal.  And grass fed steaks are so tender and flavorful, you can skip marinating them if you don’t have time.  They’ll still turn out well!  The only thing you really should try to plan ahead for is to take the meat out of the fridge and let it come to room temp, which generally takes around a half hour to an hour, depending on how cold you keep your house.

The photo below showing the steak’s internal temperature at 143 (about 15 seconds away from 145, which is medium rare) was taken after five minutes on one side and six minutes on the other in a 9″ cast iron skillet.  The stovetop temp was pointing directly to “medium” the whole time.  If you want more blackened crustiness on the steak, turn the heat up a bit and you’ll also have slightly shorter cooking times. Cast iron skillets rule!

Chimichurri is the green stuff on top of the steak, and is one of the coolest things I’ve discovered since going Paleo.  It’s an Argentinian condiment traditionally, and it’s basically parsley, oil, vinegar or citrus, and whatever other cool herbs and flavors you want to add.  Chop everything up as fine as your patience allows and add the oil and vinegar/citrus!  That easy.  My chimichurri today was made from lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, rosemary, and oregano.  It’s much more delicious if you use fresh herbs, so my chimichurries (is that even a word?) are usually just a mix of whatever fresh herbs I have on hand.  Cilantro and chives are other common ingredients.

Bacon Salami Egg Basket Edible Flowers Salad

I was tooling around on the internet earlier, looking for inspiration for dinner, when I stumbled across a blog recipe for Goat Cheese and Eggs in Bacon Baskets.  Eureka!  Combined with organic blueberries and some of the fresh local greens, herbs, and edible flowers a friend of mine sells from her farm here in town, I’ve got a meal!

Egg Bacon Basket Blueberries

If you want the recipe, just click HERE to go to her blog.  I pretty much followed her recipe word for word except I used canned mushrooms (blah), and blue cheese instead of goat.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with other bacon egg baskets too – different additions, substitutions, flavors.  Plus I made four of them, so two will be for breakfast today or tomorrow!

Egg in a Bacon Basket Dinner Plate Paleo

Blueberry Bacon Sage Salad

I wasn’t sure if the blueberries would fit with this salad, so they’re off to the side in these pictures.  But next time, I’m sprinkling them right on top because all of these flavors together created an amazing tangy, earthy, sweet salad experience.  It was delicious!!!!!!  Here’s the recipe… You can play with the quantities, and I won’t insult your intelligence by giving directions on how to assemble the salad.  😛

Blueberry Bacon Sage Salad Ingredients:
Blueberry Bacon Sage Salad with Pink Herb Dressing
  1. Green or red leaf lettuce (baby spinach or romaine would probably work fine too)
  2. Red onion
  3. Tomato
  4. Bacon (preferably uncured)
  5. Grilled chicken
  6. Goat cheese crumbles
  7. Leaves from two sprigs of fresh sage, finely chopped
  8. Organic blueberries
Pink Herb Salad Dressing:
  1. Plain Greek yogurt
  2. Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme (fresh or dried)
  3. Red wine vinegar

For the Salad dressing, just mix the yogurt and the herbs together, and then start adding the vinegar while stirring until you have a creamy but pourable consistency.

Poached Egg over Mustard Greens

I made a poached egg the old-fashioned way for breakfast this morning, served over steamed mustard greens. Mustard greens are so weird tasting!  I don’t think I really like them.  But they have massive amounts of vitamin K and loads of other healthiness, so I guess I can get myself to eat them occasionally – especially if they’re coming from my local Master Gardeners garden like these did.

Poached Egg in Cast Iron Mason Jar Ring

Old Fashioned Poached Egg Recipe
  1. Toss a mason jar ring into your cast iron skillet.
  2. Fill the skillet up with water to just barely above the top of the ring.
  3. Bring the water to a simmer (that spot where tiny bubbles are coming up and you’re sure it’s about to start boiling at any second).
  4. Gently crack the egg open into the ring.
  5. Take pictures of it for 20 seconds.  Or not.  😛
  6. Put a lid on it and move the skillet to a cool burner.
  7. Wait 4-6 minutes for a still runny yolk.
  8. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon.
  9. Eat!


Grilled Salmon

Smiths had fresh cedar-wrapped salmon and veggies on Manager’s Special yesterday, so I bought a package!  I wouldn’t normally pay the $11-$12 for this convenience, but their looming expiration date brought the price down to about $7.  I can get excited about that!  The veggies in the wrap appeared to be carrot and green bean, to which we added asparagus and thick turnip slices for a full Paleo dinner.

How long to grill Smiths Krogers cedar wrapped salmon

My griller man was a little worried because the wrap would prevent him from using the meat thermometer, so we Googled how long to grill cedar wrapped salmon.  The results came back as anywhere between 4 to 7 minutes per side, for a grand total of 8 to 14 minutes, on indirect heat.  We have a small cheapo gas grill with lava rocks, so we just turned the flame down as low as it would go and did six minutes on one side and seven minutes on the other.  The salmon ended up slightly overdone, but still moist and delicious thanks to the wrap, and besides – I prefer to cook my about-t0-expire fish as thoroughly as possible.