Paleo Deviled Eggs

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Snacks
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I don’t think I’ve ever made deviled eggs normal-style before, so I don’t really know why I decided suddenly today that I wanted to make deviled eggs paleo-style.  I haven’t made paleo mayo yet (from what I understand, it’s just raw egg yolk and olive oil properly whisked together) partially because I’m scared I’ll screw it up but mostly because I don’t have a whisk.  This deviled egg recipe uses no mayo of any kind, and although it doesn’t taste quite like my family’s recipe, all the main flavors that I love in a good deviled egg are there!

First, you need hard-boiled eggs.  Look back at my Blue Bacon Egg  & Avacado Breakfast Salad if you want some tips on how to make perfect hard boiled eggs.  I’m boiling four eggs, which will give me eight deviled eggs.

Cut the eggs in half, scoop out the yolks, and mash the yolks together in a bowl with some guacamole, lime juice, spicy mustard, and just a shake or two of paprika (you can always sprinkle more paprika on at the end for garnish!).  How much of each ingredient you mix in with the yolks depends on which flavors you want to stand out more, but by the end you want a pile of yellow-y green filling that is about the same consistency as cake icing.

I put my filling in a baggie, squeezed it all down into one corner, and the cut the corner off to create an opening.  Then squeeze into the eggs, and garnish however you’d like to.  I super-thinly sliced one Kalamata olive and sprinkled with extra paprika.



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