Egg in an Onion Hole

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Breakfast
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Egg in an Onion Hole

If you have a steady knife and a medium to large mild onion handy, cooking your egg inside an onion slice is a flavorful way to make eating eggs all the time a lot less boring.  You can also cook an egg inside a bell pepper slice, but onion slices are my personal favorite.

Egg in an Onion Hole Steam

If your onion is on the smaller side like mine was, you’re going to have to slice it thicker and the egg that needs to be cooking will be thicker on the pan too.  One way to help the egg cook faster is to partially steam it by putting some sort of lid over it… I used my stainless steel cocktail shaker cup.  I also flipped my egg in an onion over to seal the top for a few seconds at the end.  But I like my egg yolk runny, so I made sure to take it off pretty quickly.

Besides the egg in a healthy hole, I also had sauteed mushrooms/kale/baby spinach, a piece of thick cut peppered bacon, and a few pieces of the onion that cooked inside a whole chicken’s cavity yesterday afternoon in my house.  The egg and the onions are sprinkled with a little Old Bay seasoning.  Yum!  Now I’m off to the post office and around running some other errands in town.  Bye!


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