Chicken Veggie Frittata

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
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Cast Iron 8 Inch Frittata

This chicken and veggie frittata is the first thing I cooked in my brand new 8 inch cast iron skillet!  It was very good, and will continue to be good for the next couple of days because it made four pleasantly plump servings.  I’m looking forward to one wedge as a Paleo friendly midnight snack tonight, most likely!

Cast Iron 8 Inch Frittata Ingredients

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then, assemble your meat and vegetables.  You can see above what I used in mine: onion, mushroom, kale, baby spinach, garlic, and chicken.  You can use any combination of meats and veggies though – use this to help clean out your fridge!  Next time I make a frittata, I’m psyched to use some bacon… mmm…

Cast Iron 8 Inch Frittata

Grease your pan with a healthy oil or fat (I used some olive oil).  Dump your meat, veggies, and whatever seasonings (salt, pepper, basil, get creative!) you want to use into your cast iron pan.  Let the skillet start heating up to medium and break out the eggs!

Whisk (or mix vigorously with a fork if you are whisk-less like me) the equivalent of 10 eggs.  I used eight eggs and about three or four eggs’ worth of egg whites.  Pour it into the pan right away!  Stir your raw egg stew around a little bit, then let it sit there on the burner on medium for a few minutes.  You want the bottom of the frittata to get a little headstart on the baking process, so that your slices will hold together better in the end.  Below is what my frittata looked like raw.

Cast Iron 8 Inch Frittata

The final step is moving your skillet into the oven.  My frittata in its 8″ cast iron skillet took 40 minutes at 350 degrees on the center rack to cook all the way.  How do you know when your frittata is done?  You stab it in the middle with a butter knife, and not only will the knife come out clean, but you will be able to feel that the eggs around the knife are firm.  Enjoy!  I sure did.  Although now I have to convince myself to not freak out about “washing” my skillet without soap.  I can’t believe I can’t use soap!

PS: It seems like so many frittata recipes online call for heavy cream or yogurt or coconut milk… I didn’t use anything like that, and mine turned out just fine.  Just be sure you don’t skimp on the herbs and spices you choose to use!


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