Paleo Ingredient Basics: Smoked Paprika for BBQ

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Smoked Paprika Paleo Barbeque Sauce Recipe

If it’s warm outside when you first go Paleo, you should be super excited about how much you’re going to grill.  Or even if it’s not warm, hopefully you’re either planning to brave the weather to use your grill or dig out the George Foreman and to see if it still works.  To me, grilling out makes both meat and vegetables (and even some fruits!) so much more delicious.

But what about barbeque sauce?  Well of course you can stick to dry rubs.  But really, I kind of missed that grocery store Jack Daniels Original No. 7 BBQ sauce that was full of high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, sodium benzoate, and all that nasty stuff I had decided to swear off.  There are some Paleo recipes online that attempt to approximate tomato-based BBQ sauces, but I thought a lot of them fell short – or they included some form of sugar, which isn’t part of my chosen Paleo diet.

So what’s the magical pure Paleo answer?  Smoked Paprika!!!  Not to be confused with regular paprika, smoked paprika both smells and tastes overwhelmingly similar to those BBQ flavored potato chips you’ve at least tried before, except of course less chemically processed.  The second you sniff a freshly opened bottle of smoked paprika, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Just add a generous amount of smoked paprika to any sort of dry rub or marinade you use on chicken, burgers, etc., or simply use it by itself along with a little salt and pepper.  When the meat is finished grilling, sprinkle some more on top before serving if you want to.  Paleo people quickly learn to never skimp on herbs and spices!

Just remember when you’re scouring the grocery store spice isle for a bottle, it has to say “smoked.”  Regular paprika is not the same thing.  Happy Paleo grilling, cavepeople!!!

  1. Why have I never seen this before? Thanks!

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