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Grilled Salmon

Smiths had fresh cedar-wrapped salmon and veggies on Manager’s Special yesterday, so I bought a package!  I wouldn’t normally pay the $11-$12 for this convenience, but their looming expiration date brought the price down to about $7.  I can get excited about that!  The veggies in the wrap appeared to be carrot and green bean, to which we added asparagus and thick turnip slices for a full Paleo dinner.

How long to grill Smiths Krogers cedar wrapped salmon

My griller man was a little worried because the wrap would prevent him from using the meat thermometer, so we Googled how long to grill cedar wrapped salmon.  The results came back as anywhere between 4 to 7 minutes per side, for a grand total of 8 to 14 minutes, on indirect heat.  We have a small cheapo gas grill with lava rocks, so we just turned the flame down as low as it would go and did six minutes on one side and seven minutes on the other.  The salmon ended up slightly overdone, but still moist and delicious thanks to the wrap, and besides – I prefer to cook my about-t0-expire fish as thoroughly as possible.


Paleo Steak Dinner Zucchini Fries

After last night’s detour into a plate of loaded carne asada nachos from Alejandro’s Taco Shop (easily the best authentic Mexican restaurant in town), I decided to fast for the first part of today and make a great big totally Paleo steak dinner this evening.

Paleo Cilantro Chimichurri Steak Sauce

The steak sauce is chimichurri, a common Argentinian condiment.  From what I understand, chimichurri is basically an acid (lime juice, vinegar, etc) + an oil + herbs probably at least including parsley.  Then, much like everybody here in the US has a different version of cole slaw or baked beans or chili, everybody in Argentina has their own chimichurri recipe.  Today’s chimichurri recipe for me included: white wine vinegar, fresh squeezed lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, cilantro, red pepper flakes, and a clove of garlic.  Dice everything, mix it together, and let it sit out to flavor-mingle while you’re preparing and cooking everything else.

Full Paleo Steak Dinner

The rosemary zucchini fries were also super delicious.  Slice your zucchini longways into at least eighths (or more if you have great big zucchini), squirt them down with a nice oil, and then sprinkle with rosemary and anything else you’re seasoning your steak with (salt, pepper, etc).

Raw Rosemary Zucchini Fries

Here’s what my fries looked like raw.  I just love rosemary – it’s somehow refreshing and savory at the same time.  A perfect compliment to zucchini to fill out a big Paleo steak dinner!

Grass Fed Flat Iron Steak and Veggies

I used Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning for the 10oz grass fed flat iron steak (which we split to serve the two of us) and also a little on the zucchini fries too.  Also, I’ve started grilling my asparagus first, and then cutting the woody ends off after they’re cooked.  In my head, that makes the part that I eat more moist all the way to the end.  Is that silly?  Maybe.

Onions and Coconut Oil

Finally, I sauteed some onions and garlic in coconut oil while my griller man was tending to the meat and veggies outside.  These soft and flavorful onions were served atop my first ever highly successful batch of Paleo cauliflower mashed potatoes!

Paleo Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes in the Blender

Cauliflower mashed potatoes are very simple in theory.  Cut the cauliflower into florets, steam them until they’re really soft when you stab them with a fork (minimum 15 minutes), dry them off or at least drain them really well, then pulverize them with some seasonings and butter or other fat.  I’ve tried before to just mash them with a fork, and trust me – that doesn’t work.  You really need to get your blender or food processor out of the cupboard.  For seasoning, I added a little salt and pepper, a thin slice of raw red onion, a garlic clove, some parsley and dill, and just a little freshly ground nutmeg.  I also added 1tbsp butter and 1tsp uncured bacon fat.   One medium cauliflower head (pictured in the blender above) will yield about three cups of pretend mashed potatoes.

Paleo mashed potatoes yield

I won’t pretend that they tasted exactly like mashed potatoes, but I liked them well enough topped with my flavorful fried onions despite not really being a fan of cauliflower in general.  I probably won’t make a habit of making mashed cauliflower because I don’t really care that much and blenders are a huge pain in the ass to wash after you’re done with them.  But it was nice to have a pile of “potatoes” on my steak platter, and I have enough leftover still for two more servings (I’m the only one eating them).

Paleo Sliders Big Dinner Plate

Last week sometime, I tried making a full-size eggplant burger bun for my 60z grassfed steakburger.  It worked out pretty well.  Today, we went to the grocery store again and found that they only had normal sized eggplants… which were perfect for homemade sliders!

Eggplant Bun Holds Together Burger Slider

I loved getting to eat two neat little burgers that stayed together so nicely!  Some lettuce, a little onion, one tomato slice, and some spicy mustard per burger is all you need to kick White Castle to the curb.  If you ever even went there to begin with.  I sure as hell didn’t.  😛

If you’re wondering what else is on my dinner plate besides the sliders, I’ve also got a whole grilled jalapeno, half of a cajun style andouille (fancy name for a type of sausage) over sauerkraut, and some grilled asparagus.  My griller man did a supurb job manning the flames today!

Grilling Paleo Sliders with Eggplant Buns

It’s springtime, and Ultimate Evolved Campfire is your Backyard Grill, so get out there and fire it up Paleolithic-Style!  Food always tastes better when it’s real and when it’s cooked outside in the fresh air.

Paleo Orange Chicken

Hot Paleo Ginger Orange Chicken Recipe:

Serves 2

  1. zest and juice of 1 large orange (or 2 small ones)
  2. a thumb size piece (yes, your whole thumb) of ginger root, finely diced or grated
  3. tablespoon of Huy Fong chili garlic sauce (this is what makes it spicy!)
  4. two tablespoons of soy sauce (optional)
  5. Two servings of plain cooked chicken and vegetables

Directions: Mix it all together and let it simmer, stirring frequently, for at least a few minutes.  Mine simmered for about 10 minutes while the veggies were roasting in the oven.  Stupid wind, we couldn’t grill today.  Then spoon it all out over your pre-cooked chicken and veggies and eat!


Chinese Chicken and Five Spices Meal

Today I parboiled a whole chicken.  If you don’t know how to do this, it’s massively easy.  Just remove the gizzards from your thawed chicken, sit it breast side down into a big pot with about an inch of water in it, and crank the heat up to high.  Once the water starts boiling, put a lid on the pot and turn it down to just above simmer.  The water will continue to lightly boil and steam your chicken within an hour.  By then, the meat will be moist and tender enough to practically fall off the bone.  Forget the oven – parboiling is where it’s at.

This meal was surprisingly simple thanks to my pre-cooked chicken parts.  I just removed the skin from the leg/thigh and smeared it with some olive oil.  Then I sprinkled a bunch of Chinese Five Spices onto it.  You could eat it just like this, but I chose to give it a minute or so on each side on the grill to get that sealed brown outside look and texture.

The hard boiled egg is just there.  I squirted some balsamic vinegar on the asparagus before grilling.

Ginger Cucumber Onion Paleo Salad

The cucumber salad is best made a day, or at least a few hours, ahead of time.  You can use any thinly sliced cucumber, but an English or Armenian one will work best because they have thinner skins and less seeds. Add thinly sliced yellow or sweet onion.  Slice your cucumber first so you can watch the ratio of cucumber to onion as you’re adding the onion.  I did about a 2:1 ratio, but you may have a different preference when it comes to onions (the dressing will greatly tame them though, I promise).  Then finely dice and add about a thumb’s worth of ginger root (yes, look at your thumb.  That size).  Pour about 1/4 cup of white wine vinegar over everything and toss it all together.  Put it in the refrigerator.  Take it out an hour later and toss again.  Put it back in the refrigerator.  Repeat several times.  Add a little salt and pepper just before you serve it cold.  My one cucumber and 3/4 of a medium onion made enough of this Asian inspired salad for four servings of the size you see on my dinner plate.

Paleo Burger Dinner Plate

With Paleo burger platters like this, I don’t miss buns or french fries even a little bit.  If you are strictly anti-dairy, substitute a dollop of guacamole for the blue cheese crumbles I used.  It’ll be every bit as good, just a little different.

Grilled Paleo Burger Summer Plate Zucchini Fries

Starting in the upper lefthand corner and working our way around clockwise:

  1. Raw banana slices with a pinch of cocoa powder
  2. Wilted (on cast iron skillet) baby spinach with red onions and fresh tomatoes
  3. Grass fed steak burger from La Cense Beef topped with avocado slices and blue cheese crumbles
  4. Grilled white mushrooms
  5. Grilled asparagus wrapped in Genoa salami
  6. Grilled zucchini quarters seasoned with Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning (I pick these up with my fingers and pretend they’re steak fries!)

Blue Cheese Rosemary Garlic Butter on Steak

I cooked my first Grass Fed Steak – A Flat Iron from La Cense Beef – for dinner tonight.  The flavor is a little bit milder than grain-fed beef, which is OK, but what I really liked was the difference in texture.  It absolutely still has the texture of beef, but it’s more delicate.  And the fat in it isn’t so chewy and fatty.  It’s more like an integrated and flavorful part of the beef cut.  I’m happy.

Paleo Flat Iron Steak

But the point of this post isn’t so much about the beef, because I need a little more practice before I gain the hubris to give you all advice on how to properly cook your steak.  🙂  The point is this delicious Steak Butter!  No, it’s not strict Paleo.  But it’s OK with My Personal Paleo Plan.

Soften one tablespoon of butter (for two servings) in the microwave – about 20 seconds.  Add finely chopped herbs (I used rosemary), a finely chopped small garlic clove, and two teaspoons or more stinky cheese.  I had to split the butter into two cups before adding the cheese.  My cup got blue cheese crumbles, and my blue cheese hater got Parmesan cheese in his cup.  Then just fold your ingredients into the butter, and spoon onto your steak just before serving.

PS: Those mashed potatoes in the background are actually mashed cauliflower.  I’m still working out a good recipe for that though too… so far, every time I make it, I’ve added way too much garlic or some other overwhelming flavor.  I’ll figure it out eventually.