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Paleo LobsterThe heart and glitter-filled meat counter display on Valentine’s day suckered me into buying lobster tails for the first time ever.  I had ten extra bucks on me, which is what two tails costs, so to hell with being smart and frugal – I did it.  And then realized that I had no idea how to cook the things.  I ended up waiting a few days for them to thaw in the fridge, then boiled them for five minutes while my other half grilled the steakburger. That worked well enough, but we couldn’t figure out how to get the meat out!  After abandoning my knife and fork after the first few attempted cuts and instead digging in to break the tough exoskeleton apart with my bare hands, I felt like a real cavewoman by the time I got all of the meat out.  It was kind of awesome.  🙂

The asparagus is something new: frozen asparagus that you can steam in its bag in the microwave.  Fresh steamed asparagus is my favorite vegetable, but canned asparagus makes the list somewhere below brussel sprouts and beets which taste like slimy dirt and sweet dirt, respectively.  This new frozen asparagus?  Well, it’s actually not that bad.  It’s not fresh steamed from the garden, but at least the flavor was OK and while they weren’t crisp at all, they weren’t mushy like canned asparagus either.  Conclusion: I’ll probably buy it again, for use as a backup when I’m out of fresh veggies and don’t feel like driving to the grocery store.


GrillingTwoMealsMeatsWe love our little grill.  Love, love love.  Today, we grilled two meals worth of meats, lunch and dinner, at the same time.  The chicken legs are seasoned with Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning.  It tastes just as good on chicken as it does on steak, and I love the simple pure list of ingredients: salt, dehydrated garlic, spices, dehydrated onion, dehydrated red bell peppers and red pepper.

Burger no BunLunch was pretty simple – grill it, top it, eat it.  A juicy hamburger with my favorite vegetable side: grilled asparagus.  Delicious and satisfying too!

Skillet Chicken Leg DinnerDinner required a little bit extra work, but it wasn’t too bad.  The main ingredients for the veggie pile were sweet onions (cook those first, until they turn translucent), garlic cloves, canned artichoke hearts, leftover chopped up asparagus wrapped in bacon from earlier, and some fresh baby spinach that wilted nicely when added as the final ingredient.  I figure that with onions as a base and sliced garlic cloves for extra flavor, you can pretty much add any other veggies you have laying around to fill out a big healthy veggie pile for a meal like this!  Once everything in the veggie pile appeared cooked enough, I tossed the refrigerated chicken legs from earlier on top, poured about 1/4 cup of chicken broth into the pan, and covered it to simmer for several minutes, just to reheat the chicken and keep everything extra moist.  Most people would probably have wanted to salt and pepper the end product, but once I forked the meat off of the drumstick and mixed it in with my veggies, there was plenty of flavor for me.

Chicken Leg Dinner