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Paleo Sliders Big Dinner Plate

Last week sometime, I tried making a full-size eggplant burger bun for my 60z grassfed steakburger.  It worked out pretty well.  Today, we went to the grocery store again and found that they only had normal sized eggplants… which were perfect for homemade sliders!

Eggplant Bun Holds Together Burger Slider

I loved getting to eat two neat little burgers that stayed together so nicely!  Some lettuce, a little onion, one tomato slice, and some spicy mustard per burger is all you need to kick White Castle to the curb.  If you ever even went there to begin with.  I sure as hell didn’t.  😛

If you’re wondering what else is on my dinner plate besides the sliders, I’ve also got a whole grilled jalapeno, half of a cajun style andouille (fancy name for a type of sausage) over sauerkraut, and some grilled asparagus.  My griller man did a supurb job manning the flames today!

Grilling Paleo Sliders with Eggplant Buns

It’s springtime, and Ultimate Evolved Campfire is your Backyard Grill, so get out there and fire it up Paleolithic-Style!  Food always tastes better when it’s real and when it’s cooked outside in the fresh air.


Paleo Burger Eggplant Bun

While perusing the vegetable aisle at WalMart yesterday, I happened across a freakishly large eggplant.  So big that my first thought actually was, “hamburger bun?”  I browse other Paleo, Low-Carb, and Gluten-Free blogs fairly often, but I have yet to see eggplant buns on burgers.  I figured I’d try it anyways.

Paleo Burger Eggplant Bun

Grilling Burger Eggplant BunsMy raw slices were a little over an inch thick, so they would be able to shrink a little during grilling but still be big enough.  I salted them generously, let them “sweat” for about 20 minutes (the salt draws out the moisture inside the eggplant), rinsed them off, and then gave them a generous sprinkling of chili powder, ground cumin, and oregano.  I used those spices because these were going to be South of the Border Burgers with fresh salsa and guacamole!  The eggplant took a little longer on the grill than the burgers – you just have to keep an eye on the slices.

The only thing I’ll change next time is that I’ll completely peel the slices instead of leaving some strips of skin on.  Those bits were a little chewy.  But otherwise, this worked out amazingly well!  It didn’t get too messy until the last couple of bites, just like a burger on a regular bun would!  Paleo Eggplant Burger Bun Replacement: Success!

Eggplant Hamburger Bun Low Carb Paleo

Update: OMG, forget about making whole burgers with eggplant buns… make sliders!!!  They’re less messy, more fun, and you can use normal size eggplants instead of trying to find monster size ones!  Check out The Evolved Campfire Perfect Paleo Sliders with Eggplant Buns!!!

Paleo Lunch Meat Taco Boat

I don’t know whether to think of this Paleo sandwich replacement as a canoe, a boat, or a taco.  But whatever the case, it’s a great crunchy little injection of fuel that lasts nicely until dinnertime.  You can use whatever lunch meats you have or leftover meats – just pretend it’s a sandwich, and add whatever you’d add to a sandwich.

The only thing to look out for is fillers in lunch meat.  You would seriously be surprised.  Or not, I guess.  It’s kind of depressing.  Our favorite lunch meat brand right now is Prima Della, and Wal Mart of all places sells it.  The big wrapped up chunk of turkey that they slice my meat off of says “no fillers.”  I trust that about as far as I could throw that giant wad of turkey meat, but I guess it’s got to be better than the brick right next to it from another brand that says, “Ham,” and then in small print says, “35% water added/flavorings added/this is a ham and water product.”

Paleo Lunch Meat Taco Boat

Here’s what went into my Paleo meat boat (apparently I’ve decided on boat).  The boat is an outer piece of hearts of romaine lettuce.  I try to always keep hearts of romaine on hand – they’re good chopped up for salads, and awesome for Paleo Tacos too!  Then I added two thin slices of turkey, two thin slices of salami, two slices of avocado, 1/4 of a small chopped up tomato, some sun-dried tomato basil feta cheese, spicy mustard, and a small diced fresh basil leaf.


I set out to make a flavorful paleo friendly salad dressing today after picking up some fresh basil at the grocery store.  Next time I’ll probably add some dried oregano too, but other than that, the ingredients are all listed above: 1 lemon, 1 basil stem full of leaves, 1 clove garlic, red wine vinegar, fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt, and some mustard – preferably spicy or dijon.  Squeeze it, dice it, shake it, eat it!


If you don’t have one of these handheld citrus juicers, you really should try to pick one up soon!  They’re easier and faster to use and clean than electric juicers, particularly if you only need juice from a handful of fruits at a time.

So I made my little lunch salad – still by the way using my second ever whole baked chicken!  That meat is really stretching a long way.  And then I started wondering… is something missing?  Yes!  I decided to add some fresh grated Parmesan cheese and two pieces of chopped up deli pepperoni.  It would have been a good salad without those last two additions, but it was even better this way!!!

Basil Pepperoni Chicken Salad

Paleo Deviled Eggs

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Snacks
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I don’t think I’ve ever made deviled eggs normal-style before, so I don’t really know why I decided suddenly today that I wanted to make deviled eggs paleo-style.  I haven’t made paleo mayo yet (from what I understand, it’s just raw egg yolk and olive oil properly whisked together) partially because I’m scared I’ll screw it up but mostly because I don’t have a whisk.  This deviled egg recipe uses no mayo of any kind, and although it doesn’t taste quite like my family’s recipe, all the main flavors that I love in a good deviled egg are there!

First, you need hard-boiled eggs.  Look back at my Blue Bacon Egg  & Avacado Breakfast Salad if you want some tips on how to make perfect hard boiled eggs.  I’m boiling four eggs, which will give me eight deviled eggs.

Cut the eggs in half, scoop out the yolks, and mash the yolks together in a bowl with some guacamole, lime juice, spicy mustard, and just a shake or two of paprika (you can always sprinkle more paprika on at the end for garnish!).  How much of each ingredient you mix in with the yolks depends on which flavors you want to stand out more, but by the end you want a pile of yellow-y green filling that is about the same consistency as cake icing.

I put my filling in a baggie, squeezed it all down into one corner, and the cut the corner off to create an opening.  Then squeeze into the eggs, and garnish however you’d like to.  I super-thinly sliced one Kalamata olive and sprinkled with extra paprika.


Paleo LobsterThe heart and glitter-filled meat counter display on Valentine’s day suckered me into buying lobster tails for the first time ever.  I had ten extra bucks on me, which is what two tails costs, so to hell with being smart and frugal – I did it.  And then realized that I had no idea how to cook the things.  I ended up waiting a few days for them to thaw in the fridge, then boiled them for five minutes while my other half grilled the steakburger. That worked well enough, but we couldn’t figure out how to get the meat out!  After abandoning my knife and fork after the first few attempted cuts and instead digging in to break the tough exoskeleton apart with my bare hands, I felt like a real cavewoman by the time I got all of the meat out.  It was kind of awesome.  🙂

The asparagus is something new: frozen asparagus that you can steam in its bag in the microwave.  Fresh steamed asparagus is my favorite vegetable, but canned asparagus makes the list somewhere below brussel sprouts and beets which taste like slimy dirt and sweet dirt, respectively.  This new frozen asparagus?  Well, it’s actually not that bad.  It’s not fresh steamed from the garden, but at least the flavor was OK and while they weren’t crisp at all, they weren’t mushy like canned asparagus either.  Conclusion: I’ll probably buy it again, for use as a backup when I’m out of fresh veggies and don’t feel like driving to the grocery store.

Simple Tuna Lunch

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Lunch
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This is a great quick lunch, and satisfying too.  Just mix together everything but the tomato and baby spinach, season with a little salt/pepper/garlic powder/onion powder if you want to, and then put everything together in a bowl or on a plate!  My avocado was really ripe, so I mashed it up and mixed it in with the tuna, but if yours is more firm, you can chop it and serve it on top with the tomato.

PS: Halved green grapes are extra delicious in place of or in addition the celery, if you have them!  I wish I did!  🙂

PPS: I just realized that I’ve been spelling avocado wrong.  Crap!  Forgive me?  🙂